Scheduler Gadget

Check your Schedule for Today:

Enter your Access Name and Password then click 'Login'. If you don't have any registered Access Name yet, please register your Access Name by following the 'Scheduler How-to' below.

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Copy and paste this into your site.


Scheduler How-to

Add schedule:

1. Enter your Access Name, Password and Confirm Password then click 'Register' as below.


2. Select SCHEDULE from Group field drop-down list as shown below.


3. Select from one of the radio buttons Once, Day or Mth. If you choose Once click the date icon then select the specific date. If Day select every Monday-Sunday or every 1-99 days from the enabled drop-down list. If Mth select the day number of the month (1-31) from the enabled drop-down list.


3. Type your schedule notes into Notes field then click Save as shown below.


Check today's schedule:

1. To check and view your current schedule, select Search then click Today's Schedule.


2. Your schedule for today will be shown as below.


Check all schedules:

1. To check and view all your saved schedules, select Search then click Schedule List as shown below.


2. Your all saved schedules will be shown as below.